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November 15, 2018

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Why is Vehicle Ownership Transfer Important and How it is done?

Whenever you sell a vehicle, transfer of ownership is mandatory which legitimately proves the liabilities to the vehicle. The changed name will reflects in RC, a registration certificate which uniquely identifies owner and vehicle. Here in this Blog we will share with you Why Vehicle Ownership Transfer Important is and how it is done?

In general when purchasing a new vehicle documentations will be handled by specified dealer ,while purchasing used vehicle ensure that significant documents related to vehicle and buyer should be enclosed before submitting. Additional documents may require if it is commercial vehicle.

Why Is It Important To Transfer Ownership Of Used?
No doubt, while buying used car you have checked various important things to ensure good health of car. But it is the prime responsibility of both buyer and seller to change the ownership name. The ownership that needs to be change is:
1. Registration ownership.
2. Insurance Ownership.

Few of the importance of transfer ownership are listed below.
1. The most important impact is to avoid any legal Conspiracy as there are many fraud cases of reselling used vehicles.
2. In case of hypothecation on RC, it is important to transfer ownership to clear hypothecation in future.
3. In case of any mishappening in future, claiming insurance will be easy if ownership has been changed.
4. In case of theft you cannot filed FIR if ownership name not transfer.
5. If case after few month or a year you make a mind to sale your car and ownership is not in your name, you will not be eligible to sale your vehicle.

How Ownership Transfer Has To Be Done?
Transferring ownership of used vehicle is important and to get it done in right manner is equally important. After selling or purchasing used car RC transfer should be done within 14 days at regional transportation office. Registration process may vary from State to state but few of the basic documentation are almost same.Below listed are few documents required to get your ownership Transfer.
• Form No. 29 (with chassis Print)
• Form No. 30 (With chassis Print)
• Original Registration certificate.
• Valid Insurance Certificate of vehicle.
• Valid Pollution Certificate of vehicle.
• Address proof of new registered owner.
• Aadhar Card of Transferor & transferee.
• Photo of new Owner.
• Registration fees as per Regional Transportation office.

If you feel like the process is long and will engage lot of your time. Just relax!!! At Carpapertransfer, we provide you with facility wherein you need not to go to RTO. Our agent will visit you place, collect all your signed documents and will process the transfer application at RTO. To avail this facility just visit our Contact us page at Carpapertransfer

If you are planning to buy used car or sell your old car and wandering why I should transfer ownership of car and how to transfer of vehicle? Hope this blog make all your queries and doubts clear and will help to find out forms need to fill to get ownership transferred. So, on purchasing used car get all your documentation done and enjoy safe and hassle free driving.

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